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IPtoCountry Ver.3.2
12 March 2016
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This mod adds a new variable "strLocale" which will hold visitors' country value based upon their IP address. During registration, the visitor's actual country will be displayed by default.

v2.0 automatically updates the user's M_COUNTRY record upon connection/login, thus it can be used with default code and other mods without further edits. I also added another 10 IP ranges which were recently assigned.

v3.0 Fixes a comparison error which occasionally caused a country to be identified incorrectly.

v3.1 Simplified the installation process. DBS file will take a bit of time, it's very long, do not abort.

v3.1A Nothing more than the dbs files in their original 4 parts for those with difficulty importing the consolidated file.

v3.2 - Has both sets of dbs files (4 part and combined versions). Install EITHER the four part group OR the combined file. Read the "ReadMe.txt" file.