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What is SnitzBitz?

SnitzBitz is a website where you can find all sorts of information related to Snitz Forums 2000 forums. This includes add-on files (MODs), graphics and web design tips and articles. Completely true to Snitz, we offer our members the chance to share their own experiences and knowledge with everyone else by writing their own articles and tips.

If you've been looking for a special kind of MOD for your Snitz forums, but nobody has seen the use of it, or if it hasn't been made yet and you need it now, you can order it by emailing sales@eznetideas.com and one of our developers will make it for you.

Who started SnitzBitz?

SnitzBitz was born after two users of Snitz forums saw the necessity for one central place to download MODs and get custom jobs done, such as installation of forums, writing new MODs or custom graphics. After some careful planning and considerations, SnitzBitz was brought to life by Brad Wickwire (a.k.a. RedBrad0) and Roland Pot (FrutZle).

Who can use SnitzBitz?

Because the MODs that can be downloaded here are writen for Snitz Forums 2000 forums, SnitzBitz is useful only for those who use a Snitz forum. The graphics that we offer for download are meant for Snitz forums, but could be used for other purposes too. However, we don't intend to become a central place for downloads in general. Our focus is on providing extras to users of Snitz forums.