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Site Integration Ver.1.1
29 November 2002

Makes light work of integrating Snitz forums into your exisiting web site design. Now compatible with Snitz v3.4.00 thru 3.4.04. See enclosed readme.htm for more info.

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written by bjawnie on 15 Mar 2006

So that worked like a charm :)

Great stuff!
written by Enjay1 on 27 Jul 2005

Gives great flexibility for layout. Needs a little bit more working out for installation in 34_05 but easy enough really.

written by jmolenski on 13 Jan 2004

This one rocks! Thanks! For 3.4.04 the instructions weren't exact... but it was easy enough to figure out.

Great Mod
written by scubaguy on 05 Jan 2004

Love it. Very easy to install and use!

The way Snitz should be !
written by RebelTech on 13 Dec 2003

I love this mod. It really makes integration easy if not fun!

The best
written by 24 on 25 Jun 2003

This made my life easy! It is simple & quick.

Excellent MOD
written by Mr Pink on 11 May 2003

This Mod is one of the easiest and most versatile that I have installed so far. It took me about 10 mins to upgrade and install and it makes a huge difference to the presentation of my forum.

Excellent! Very smooth, easy to install!
written by TestMagic on 07 May 2003

I’ve been using this MOD for a few weeks now. It took 10-15 minutes of editing to install, and is now working like a dream! I chose this MOD specifically because I wanted an easy way to add banners to my forum (since many advertisers have their own code that's very difficult to incorporate into the Sniz code), and it's working great. Excellent idea for a MOD d3mon, and thanks a million!!

Very Easy!
written by stephanew on 18 Feb 2003

Very easy to implement. I did it in 10/15 minutes, no more ;-) Great job !

Cool mod
written by liark on 27 Jan 2003

Does what is says on the tin. Excellent and easy to apply.

Nice and Simple**
written by cbuckle on 30 Oct 2002

Easy to implement and VERY easy to modify.

Works like a charm
written by ROB on 21 Oct 2002

A nicely done MOD and works quite well. I'm using it at very successfully. The only thing I'd like to add someday is the ability to make the visibility one or more "sides" user-configurable (i.e. left-hand menu on/off).

very nice site integrator
written by padawan on 20 Oct 2002

very good, easy to install, modular and functional site integrator.