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Site Integration Ver.1.2
23 January 2004

Makes light work of integrating Snitz forums into your exisiting web site design. Now compatible with Snitz v3.4.00 thru 3.4.04. See enclosed readme.htm for more info.

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Site Integration
written by lasatalayas on 19 Nov 2006

A great tool

written by Bobby131313 on 01 Aug 2005

Very easy to install. Took about 25 minutes to insytall and that included making all backup files just in case. Works like a charm! You can see it in action at . Enjoy!

written by hans_ on 15 Jul 2005

Nice and Easy...
written by Zaphod on 25 Jun 2005

Very nice mod to install. Super easy with minimal edits to existing code. Great way to allow you to add to your site without having to really hack into your code. Great job!

written by quidproquo on 20 Apr 2005

Makes integrating your site around your forum a cinch! Before, I used frames and accomplished this - but I wanted to work outside of using frames and this was the answer!!

written by groggo on 20 Jan 2005

just installed on snitz 3.4.05 very slick indeed

Site Integration
written by seboyd2000 on 10 May 2004

An excellent tool, easy to install...

Worked Perfect!
written by vqa on 25 Apr 2004

First time I have EVER tried any of this or to change the forum on my own. Could not have been easier. Looking forward to trying some more ideas now.

Very Helpful
written by memerot on 13 Apr 2004

Just as an FYI, make sure you close the table in the header cell or it can cause really weird problems in topic.asp - our normal site header table wraps the whole page and I left it like that, caused the html of people's topics in topic.asp to be hidden. Not a problem with the mod, just my own dumb fault

Worked Great!
written by imagiin360 on 22 Mar 2004

This MOD worked perfect and looks great on the site. Thank you for your hard efforts! E. Gomez