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Poll Mod Ver.0.8
30 October 2006
Poll Mod Updates

This zip contains only the files that were updated since version 2.0.7 of the poll mod. So you won't have to download the whole poll mod again to update your poll mod.

Note: You must have at least version 2.0.7 of the poll mod to use this update. If you have a previous version (2.0.6 or less) you will need to download the whole poll mod to get the files that were updated since then. View the readme.html file to see what files were updated in each release.

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Poll mod works as advertised
written by Cobia on 26 Sep 2008

This mod was longer than I thought, but after the mod was loaded correctly the mod works great. Just take your time to load the code to a previously modified forum copy of Snitz. Thanks for the mod.

written by mikelly on 18 Dec 2007

I did a fresh install and everything worked great. I love it! I added my first poll and my members have already started using it. I have received several positive comments from my members. It really has added some needed "stickiness" to my forum. I highly recommend this poll mod!

It Works.
written by spyderuk on 18 Jan 2006

Installed easily with latest snitz along with PM mod. I made some silly mistakes (4 in all). Davio sorted me on the first & I managed the other 3 on my own. A must in any forum. Thanks for your work Davio..

Simply Great!
written by xanet on 21 Mar 2005

This truly is a fantastic mod, and the on-line support was lightning fast and spot-on!

My comment
written by doswald on 28 Jan 2005

Hi David, wonderful MOD from you, appreciate bcoz of your talent. I'm happy to use it in my forum. I rate you 9 because there are always space for improvements, and that improvements are much awaited by millions of users. Thanks again.

Excellent Tool
written by Beano_ie on 23 Jun 2004

This Poll Mod adds more interactivity to your forum.

written by NorwegianViking on 07 Feb 2004

Fantastic Mod!
written by RonTampaBay on 17 Sep 2003

This is an excellent mod that is very well documented!

Nice addon
written by radianation on 09 Dec 2002

This addon helps me to create interesting discussions based on thought-provoking polls. It took some patience to install, but was well worth the time.

written by Heynow on 06 Nov 2002

written by vmplanet on 04 Nov 2002