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Poll Mod Ver.2.0.8
30 October 2006
Poll Mod 2.0.8

This is the new poll mod for version 3.4 of the Snitz Forums. It contains a lot of new features, since version 1.

Version 2.0.8 brings a few bug fixes to the poll mod and also is now compatible with version 3.4.06 of the Snitz Forums.

Make sure you rate my mod, else the poll mod will give you trouble. :-)

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Excellent Davio!!!
written by wiggy on 30 Apr 2009

I can confirm this little beauty works in 3.4.07 too. It's a lot of editing, but the effort is as nothing compared to the massive amount of work that Davio has put into this. Thanks :)

Nice work!
written by mahvin on 27 Apr 2008

It does take some time to edit all those files, not sure what the original txt files were written in but MS Word and OO Writer both didn't display the code favorably, made editing very difficult due to code being cut-off and not viewable in the format they were written in.

Very good!
written by juliana on 14 Jan 2008

i don't use the "featured poll" just because i don't like too many things on top of my pages, but the rest of the mod works great!

A few change suggestions maybe?
written by mdelcour on 24 Dec 2007

I would like to see the "Featured Poll" be a pop-up when users log onto my site. As it is now, it is only a pop-up when they click on the "View our Featured Poll" link. Also would like to have it where I didn't have to make it a thread, just a poll. Kind of like "Add News" mod is. I don't have to make that a thread to put it up. Other than that I like it.

Very Nice
written by skslagle on 29 Dec 2006

The Poll Mod worked great without any problems. Instructions were precise and easy to follow. I will recommend to all!

written by vman on 05 Dec 2006

Poll Mod
written by lasatalayas on 19 Nov 2006


written by klub on 28 Apr 2006

My members where starting to get very antsy that they didn't have polls. I installed davio's poll mod and had a few problems, all of which where caused by me, but davio personally helped me with all of them. Thanks alot davio.

V Good
written by rayday2 on 04 Nov 2005

It was one of my first mods - was a bit tricky had to re-look at a few of the changes I had made. But beyond compare made it so much easier than the first time I attempted it. Just keep an eye out and read the changes so you dont get caught out with line changes above! Thank you for this

Fantastic Mod!
written by Zaphod on 25 Jun 2005

Great addition to any board. As long as you are very careful with your edits (I'd recommend using something like Beyond Compare to compare your files) you should have little problems. When its all completed, its really a nice addition to any site. I would not reccommend as being the first mod anyone should try to install as it can be quite involved.

written by ouija on 21 Jun 2005

Very robust, but difficult to integrate/install. Clean instructions would complete this good mod. (Searching through the actual source code for changes is cumbersome and annoying, but you can't argue with free!)

well done
written by cduke on 28 May 2005

It takes a long time to implement (be careful with your edits!) but it's worth it. Nice implementation!

Poll Mod
written by SLiPStreaM on 17 May 2005

Hey Davio - You did some great work with the coding of this mod. It took me a couple of hours to copy and paste the new code into my original files and only had a few errors but all works fine now. I am now looking at adding the calendar feature. Keep up the excellent work.

written by Johnny Bravo on 06 Dec 2004

written by WebJoe on 17 Sep 2004

Great MOD, great work. Thanx a lot

written by yomini on 27 Jul 2004

Great Mod

written by CinelĂ­ze on 21 Jul 2004

This MOD is definitely a good one! Actually it was one of the first mods I've ever installed, but the instructions are quite clear so it wasn't so difficult. :) Great work!!!

Great mod
written by HiRez_L on 09 Jul 2004

There are a lot of asp files to edit, but once you get it done, it's a sweet one! Thanks.

written by gisy on 10 Jun 2004

written by ken derringer on 07 May 2004

written by rayspite on 14 Apr 2004

This is a truly awesome mod. Thanks a million.

Thanks, Davio!
written by andyzaa on 11 Mar 2004

Great mod, great documentation!

written by rikki_nl on 11 Mar 2004

written by johnfitz2002 on 05 Feb 2004

written by wolfman on 15 Jan 2004

I spent a lot of time getting all of the correct code in the correct spots (newbie), however, the time was well worth it! THANKS! ~ no on to the ADD-ON! :-)

Top Notch! Hard Work.
written by Panhandler on 11 Jan 2004

This is a GREAT add on. It took a truly maniacal mind to plan this out. Someone must lay awake at night thinking this stuff through. But its top notch. Installation is difficult - definitely not for a beginner. However, my install went perfect and it worked on the first try. In fact, I installed in on Snitz 3.4.04 You have to copy and paste the modifications VERY carefully. The mod notes are good, but not excellent. Beware the & _ code, because if you don't read the directions, you might miss it. After the code is installed, it is operationally complex, to start. However, this is a good thing, as it gives you great flexibility. Get this mod if you can! TOP NOTCH!!!

Works Like Magic
written by jcm001 on 08 Jan 2004

Excellent MOD. 9/10 Points. Easy to install. Highly Functional. Easy to maintain.

Great Mod
written by behold on 05 Nov 2003

Thanks for taking the time to create this.

written by Squirrelz on 14 Oct 2003

written by RonTampaBay on 17 Sep 2003

Wonderful mod, and extremely well documented!

written by Blackened on 18 Jul 2003

Tried, Tested and True...
written by brduran on 02 Jun 2003

This MOD and its Add_On come thru with what they offer. Great help at the forums as well, Thank you Davio! At first I though it would be more troublesome to install this MOD by doing a file comparison. Something no other MOD I've installed requires, yet. But guess what, it is actualy easier this way. With Araneae, open a MOD file and next to it the forums couterpart, and just Copy and Paste.

written by Heynow on 16 May 2003

Great mod!
written by MicScoTho on 26 Apr 2003

Very useful mod! I had a little trouble installing it but Davio was very helpful at the forums, and the mistake was on my part. Truly awesome mod!

Got no idea
written by kc539 on 17 Apr 2003

I got no idea what code to copy and paste.

written by taropatch on 15 Feb 2003

Great mod. Use file comparison software and you'll be up and running quickly. Forum members seem to like voting on the polls. Thank Davio!

written by Xpaintballer05 on 19 Jan 2003

Good Mod

Well constructed
written by Beano_ie on 13 Dec 2002

This Mod is absolutely sweet! Took me a while to get it set up but once it is done, it is very user friendly! Big thank you to Davio who took requests before constructing the Mod, very thoughtful and considerate.

written by arnold on 23 Nov 2002

For this cool add-on. Running smooth.

written by Steve on 21 Nov 2002

Poll Mod
written by JoJo on 16 Nov 2002

This mod is awesome!!! Very nice.

written by vmplanet on 04 Nov 2002

One of the best!!
written by cbuckle on 30 Oct 2002

This is a great MOD that is easy to use and easy for the admin.

Excellent Mod
written by Dagger on 29 Oct 2002

Easy to set up..Just edit the config.asp to match your connection and update the mod and boom you have polls...thank you for this great mod

This MOD rocks!
written by ROB on 21 Oct 2002

The Poll MOD has been one of my favorites; polls are very popular. This one allowed me to upgrade my old polls safely and adds a bunch of nice new features. Well done!

written by ctr on 21 Oct 2002

written by goju on 16 Oct 2002

Love all the new features!

A more robust Poll MOD, this is...
written by padawan on 16 Oct 2002

For those that have not installed this MOD, please don't install the first version just to compare as you'll never forgive yourself on why you'd waste your time. This version has more feature and is more robust. Many Thanks to Davio and the Bench testers!

written by pknaz on 16 Oct 2002

written by auditude on 15 Oct 2002

Poll Mod
written by juuso2 on 15 Oct 2002

Excellent Mod

written by work mule on 14 Oct 2002

I'm rating this because Davio told me I had to. :) Excellent Mod. There's a lot to modify, but Davio makes it easy to follow.

written by Richard on 14 Oct 2002

written by richfed on 10 Oct 2002

Poll Mod
written by Carefree on 09 Oct 2002

Very well done - lot of changes to be made, but well documented with flawless performance.