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Mikes File Attachment Ver.3.4.xx
25 May 2006
This is the 3.4.xx version of Mikes File Attachement mod. Upload images or files where you specify the type and the size with out the need for commonents.

You also a required to have read/write permissions on the directory you choose for the uploads.

Ease of install is 1 being easy and 10 hard, this is a 1.

I have finally been given permission from the original creator of the mod for 3.5.05.

UPDATE (May 25, 2006): Fixed NullByte Security issue. See here: NullByte Security issue

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written by Philippe on 27 Aug 2008

hello, I can upload files, but now, how I do to dowload the files ? Thanks for your answer. Philippe

written by gazzrenn on 21 Jul 2005

This is my first tmie installing / running a forum, and first time with ASP. Took me a few minutes to install this MOD. Very simple indeed. My only gripe is the attachment part of the mod which allows the file for download does not work in firefox. :(

written by weeweeslap on 30 Mar 2004

Mod went in without a glitch and add on is even better. Thanks for the mod!

Great MOD....but...
written by jeffbenedict on 26 Feb 2004

Great mod. Easy to install, easy to little bug. When you delete the topic that was used to upload the file, the file stays in the uploaded folder. Was this by design or an oversight?

written by sam_i_am003 on 29 Nov 2003

This mod was easy to install for version 3.4.03 with access db. The only thing i had to modify was allowed file size. Really added a great touch to my forum and members absolutly LOVE it!

Very Slick - Very Easy!
written by wolfman on 25 Sep 2003

Users LOVE it and it was cake to install! Thanks MIKE!

written by James on 08 Dec 2002

Great Mod. Easy to implement file uploading. Get the File Lister for this mod too. It completes this mod.

Great Mod
written by leblanc9425 on 06 Dec 2002

I was very please with this mod. Easy to install and the newest version includes the image into the post. Great work!!

written by jpedder on 04 Dec 2002

Mikes File Attachment
written by helterskelter on 14 Oct 2002

What else can i say........ but this rearly add's a lot to the forum..... Thank you