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Private Messages Ver.1.0
19 October 2002
Private Messages Mod

This MOD ads a Private messaging system much like email to your website.

This is for the Snitz Forums 3.4 version.

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written by pgrier on 16 Jan 2005

I experienced the same error as hoofy below - any ideas?

Great Mod!
written by bodyartforms on 30 Mar 2004

I installed this MOD in about 30-45 minutes. hit a few minor snags as there is a lot of code to look through, but overall I felt it was pretty easy to install and a super easy feature to use once it's in. Thanks!!

written by hoofy on 15 Dec 2003

I have following the instructions but when I update the topic.asp page and view a message, it only shows one message and the next one is an error message: Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a000d' Type mismatch: '[string: ""]' /inc_func_common.asp, line 624 This line takes me to case "dmmy" chkDate = Mid(fDate,7,2) & " " & _ Monthname(Mid(fDate,5,2),1) & " " & _ Mid(fDate,1,4) Without the topic.asp upgrade, it seems to work fine and we love it!

written by bronco on 10 Oct 2003

Went in place like a charm

written by P6A on 29 Jul 2003

Very Good
written by brduran on 23 May 2003

The MOD is very good. I posted a coupple of questions in the forums, and the timeresponse was excellent. One thing though, on the Memberlist Pop_up window, that is under Private Message/New PM/Memberlist, the Search icon(icon_go.gif) was missing. I had to edit pm_pop_members.asp and specify the location. I though it would use the forums images folders.

written by ddpmacho on 15 Apr 2003

ez to set up and use. THX

Works like a charm!
written by headmaster on 12 Jan 2003

I would rate this mod at a 10! The install however, I would have to rate at a 5. Not easy, but not impossible! Worth the extra effort. It adds a VERY nice touch to the snitz forums. way to go @tomic and thanks!

a must for any forum site
written by padawan on 20 Oct 2002

this PM MOD gives your forum a nicer, more personal touch to your forum. users cannot help themselves but be drawn to their PM boxes, hence increasing your site's visit hits.