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Private Messages Ver.3.5.05
03 September 2005
This mod is based upon the original private message mod.
This latest version includes;

- Block List MOD as standard

- Ability for Admin to read members Private Messages.

- A few minor design changes. Including the adding of a 'header style bar' into every PM page indicating Message limits.

- New selection of Icons.

- Print View to Messages.

- Fixed Bug in Block Member Pages.

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Cool mod... BUT!
written by juliana on 08 Jan 2008

Not sure if it's as important to everybody else as it it to me, so I'm giving it a 9 and telling you what I changed. I don't want my active forum members to PM banned members, and also when I do a "PM All" I want to exclude banned members. So I check for M_STATUS and don't display PM button for banned members. The files that I modified: pop_profile.asp, members.asp, topic.asp

Effing awesome.
written by connietalk on 29 Oct 2007

Thank you so much! This is great, it worked 100% error free for me thusfar.

Security Leak
written by Panhandler on 08 Jun 2006

This is an awesome mod but with one known security leak unfixed at this time. See: for more information. I've rated this mod a 3, but it could be a 10 if the security leak were fixed.

Great Mod!
written by ZigZak on 14 Oct 2005

Fantastic mod, thanks. However watch out for the rm_PM = 6 line in TOPIC.ASP as the instructions omit to mention you need to renumber all the following items - check the Example folder to see how it should look. Otherwise spot on!

Nice Mod
written by mcandmar on 07 Jul 2005

Very well put together and easy to install. Integrates nicely with forum.

Nice Mod
written by Zaphod on 25 Jun 2005

Very nice and useful. Great thought and setup overall.

written by ouija on 21 Jun 2005

By far the best mod I have downloaded and installed

written by mceb on 25 Mar 2005

Very nice feature, thanks! Got it to run on first try and I'm a newbie. Be careful there are a couple of wrong line #s in the spec but use the example files to find out where code goes. Thanks a ton!

First Class
written by NiteOwl on 05 Feb 2005

Thanks all, a lot of hard work has gone into this mod, I have found it extreremly usefull.