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22 December 2002
My Avatar Addon for Avatar Mod 3.4

This addon need Snitz v3.4.0x and Avatar Mod 3.4 (by Hamlin) installed.
Addon Feature:
# My Avatars List - allow user assign his favorite avatars from forum avatars list.
# Avatar Group - base on user's Posts Level to gain a different available avatars set.
# User Defined Avatar Name - allow user change his favorite avatar name in his list.
# Avatars Legend - modified advance_avatar_legend.asp file, to show avatars list.
# User Submitt Avatar - modified pop_add_avatar.asp file, to let user submit his own Avatar link url.
# Avatar Link - set default avatar link page. user profile, homepage, my avatars list show...etc.
# Avatar Tooltip - set default mouseover tooltip to show avatar name.

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needs work
written by sonoma1999 on 06 May 2009

I like the ideas from this add-on, but the readme file for the installation instructions. Is just plain poor. It doesn't tell you what lines to add under/above what code. Very poorly written instructions.

Needs help
written by Steve H on 31 Aug 2003

This addon needs some work. The english is very poor and difficult to understand. The installation is very poorly documented and not easy to follow. This addon has a good idea but it needs more work to be complete.