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Avatar Ver.1.3
24 May 2006
It’s basically a complete rip off of the avatar mod 2 made by Richard Kinser. I did not really add anything new just fiddled with the old mod so it worked for 3.4.

This version has a new readme for and also has mass adding tool, allowing you to add lots of avatars with one click.

Added the option for the admin to upload avatars via the admin panel (you may have to ask your host to set the correct permissions on your avatar folder)

UPDATE (May 19, 2006): Fixed NullByte Security issue. See here: NullByte Security issue

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3.4.07 and MySQL
written by Ma Graham on 24 Jun 2012

Works PERFECT!! (ver. 3.4.07 and MySQL) I changed the sizes to allow a larger image (150) and the profile pictures/avatars look really nice. Just wish someone would do an add-on so memmbers could upload their own avatars. Thank you for all of your time and hard work with this!

Avatar mod
written by Dave Goldman on 25 Aug 2009

The avatar mod is great. The line numbers were off a little but it works perfect. There is only one problem. When you see the avatar you can see the picture as well as a red X box as if it tried to load a new picture as well.

written by The Zim on 07 Apr 2009

MOD worked wonderfully. Thanks for the upload!

Awesome mod
written by Savaries on 04 Jan 2009

This is an awesome mod. I have noticed something but I dont know if it is wrong or if it is built that way. Should reply show an avatar? Mine dont. If they are supposed to any ideal what the problem could be?

written by spaceratk on 19 Jun 2008

This was abit lengthy to install but worth it. Instructions were great (only line numbers were off a bit, but if you look at the code in the area you'll find what you are looking for). mucho gracias. User uploads would really be great.

Works far.
written by slocum on 08 Nov 2007

Downloaded and installed the MOD which seems to work very well. A lot of the insertion line No's are very approximate, so be careful to locate the right code to replace. Overall, thanks very much for writing it.

A Great Addition
written by leatherlips on 02 Mar 2007

Members really like to have avatars. This mod is excellent and fairly easy to implement. I highly recommend adding this to your Snitz Forum!

written by cracked on 12 Feb 2006

Does not work for Snitz 3.4.05.

Very Good Mod
written by Zuel on 20 Jan 2006

Very good mod. Easy to install and the features just rock. I recommend this for any and every forum. If you ever have any problems the community at Snitz will help you with any problem. Just post and someone will help you. A Snitz Forum Must Have!!!

Good but not very good
written by blackpearl on 25 Jul 2005

I think. If have user upload is well very good and admin can turn ON or OFF on this funtions is will so good too. Want to see it soon....^_^

written by andybay on 18 Jul 2005

Just installed its easy, there are few problems I am facing. 1) In the preview/edit can see file new add but no images, properties show link to different folder. 2) I have 300 images I wanted to delete all. 3) I want to restrict some user from adding avarta. can anyone help me in the above? I am junior in ASP. thanks

No installation problems
written by Zaphod on 28 Feb 2005

I just installed this on a clean 3.4.05 forum and it went smoothly. The only other mod that I installed previously was the referer mod which wouldnt interact with the avatars in any way. It does get tricky, if you want to upload any avatars from another source to the file, but can be done if you just take your time and read exactly what is laid out before you. Overall, a well done mod that really is a nice addition to any forum out there.

Worked like a charm...
written by seriebutiken on 12 Feb 2005

Really good, works fine in my forum... Not to hard to install...

Great Mod!
written by Bobby131313 on 02 Feb 2005

It worked the first time! You just have to be very careful to follow the instructions exactly. Thanks guys!

Same as below: Won't show up in posts
written by Lanstuff on 14 Jan 2005

I have the avatar mod installed in my forums (3.4.05) but the avatar won't show up in the threads themselves. It shows up in the profile fine...any help would be greatly appreciated

Avatars don't show up on
written by aark on 21 Nov 2004

I have the avatar mod installed in my forums (3.4.05) but the avatar won't show up in the threads themselves. It shows up in the profile fine...any help would be greatly appreciated

May I ask u this
written by sonofagun on 16 Sep 2004

I opened the admin panel and go to mod setup but It does not appear the dropdown list, nothing else. What can I do? Do I have to change the type of databse, I am using mirosoft access.

written by scooby on 25 Jul 2004

written by J_Man on 24 Jun 2004

The lenghty install way have been avoidable (including modified files), and it's not totally functional. Oh well I guess.

written by gisy on 01 Jun 2004

Easy to install! I had no problems what-so-ever and I'm new at this.

written by kingsize on 05 Feb 2004

man I installed this mod on my forum but the avatar doesn't show on the posts only in the profile.... is this meant to be or I have something wrong ? plz help me

Great, but need help!
written by blue-777 on 03 Nov 2003

I can no longer see my topics! :( Is there a help for this? I followed all the instructions to the tee, and double checked, i'm at a loss for why i can no longer see my topics. But the overall Mod, it's great! I just have to get it to work now :) Blue

written by sam_i_am003 on 19 Oct 2003

This really is a great mod... however there is some stuff in the readme file that is not included that really should be. Like on topic.asp, there are two sections that must be in order. I had a ton of problems was caused by this 1 little thing (lost topics). if anyone has this problem go here that should help you out.

Great Mod!!!!
written by doggiepowers on 23 Aug 2003

Great Mod, although, is there a way to take off the sizing.

Easy as 1-2-3
written by onyochin on 21 Aug 2003

This was my first time doing a MOD and was happy it was so easy. Thank You Hamlin!!!!

Killed the profile .asp
written by Ghost on 11 Aug 2003

Not completly functional. Unless there is an issue with it running on a 2003 server. After the code edits it broke the profile.asp and will not upload anything unless it is done via URL link only. Any ideas on how to fix the pop_profile.asp?? Muchless the avatar upload??

written by Heynow on 16 May 2003

written by Stalky_Degree on 09 May 2003

What the hell? Something went wrong when I got to register.asp = The stuff at line 86 wasn't there, and I couldnt fnd it anywhere else.

Fucking hell!!!
written by 123456 on 06 May 2003

It doesn't work... I cant ópen my topics anymore!

Good Mod
written by kc539 on 17 Apr 2003

I love this mod but it would be better if member can upload in the register/profile section also it would be better if you can have other types of sizes.

written by ddpmacho on 15 Apr 2003

ez to setup and use.THX

I Love This Mod
written by RaThine on 18 Mar 2003

Had to do a bit of editing, but you made it plain and clear, I love this mod, and hope to see more from you.

written by stephanew on 17 Feb 2003

Easy to install and configure, a great MOD !

Nice work
written by Agringo2002 on 14 Feb 2003

I just want to say I have very little knowledge of ASP but you instruction on how to add the code and install or tops! Very easy to install. Thank you for the instructions!